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About CCRA

PharmaMedic Consultancy Ltd
The London Bioscience Innovation Centre (LBIC)
2 Royal College Street
United Kingdom

Tel: 0207 6914912

Web: www.pharmamedic.co

PharmaMedic provides an adaptable medical function to start-ups, mid to late stage pharma / biotech companies and academic centres requiring regulatory advice,product launch expertise and general medical affairs support.

Through it's network of European and Global experts and Partners, we provide acomprehensive medical and regulatory affairs function to the pharmaceutical,biotech and medical device industries. As your needs change and expand so doesour team, reducing your costs, maximising delivery and giving you a quality tailored approach.

We have the experience, team and professionalism to give you the confidence togo from an idea to launch and full commercialisation. "Virtual Pharma" is here and PharmaMedic is your medical solution partner.

Group sector
  • Consultancy
  • Medical Affairs
  • Medical Director
  • Regulatory Strategy
  • Project Management of Start-up, Product Launch and Product Development
  • Pharmacovigilance
  • Final Signatory (ABPI, PMCPA)
  • Lifecycle management
  • EAMS (Early Access to Medicine Scheme)

Geographical area

  • Focus on the UK and Europe

For further information please contact:
Malcolm Barratt-Johnson, Managing Director, PharmaMedic Consultancy

CCRA is a not-for-profit organisation originally founded to represent independent clinical research contractors and allied industries.